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Sunday, March 11:
ALL CAPS! Halifax special featuring
Their Majesties (
We Take Lovers (
The Just Barelys (
Brent Randall and His Pinecones (
6 PM - over by 10
Whippersnapper Gallery (587A College St., near Clinton)

New for this show, the ALL CAPS! CD mix trade! Here's the deal: bring in a mix CD and get a mix CD in return. We're going to have a place to do this every month from now on. So that way you can hear some stuff you may not have had the chance to hear before.

Rules for making mix CD's: Put on at least 8 songs and write all the songs/artists on the CD. Bring it in and swap! It can be in a jewel case or a paper sleeve or whatever kind of packaging you want. I'm personally going to use the opportunity to mess around with drawing some artwork. It'll probably be messy.

ALL CAPS! has also updated their all-ages listings.
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